l'uomo, la rapa e le sue radici - The fairytale...


Once upon a time, in a past not very far since still imprinted in the memory of living creatures..

A young man who was (approaching life/ on the threshold of life) (passionately/with enthusiasm).

He was as slim and flexible as a reed, and he had a extraordinary hearing.

One night, in the darkness of some fields, he was looking for the road to his house (to home?) when he stumbled upon something.

He faltered for some steps but he found quickly his balance back, without bothering too much he was back on his feet.

However, he heard a feeble and sweet moan.

He couldn’t understand where the sound was coming from, but somehow he was sure that was addressed to him.

He noticed something moving in the grass, and- what a surprise!- he saw a Tiny Turnip, trembling but resolute, talking to him!

She had a earthy voice, and while listening to her you could distinguish authentic sounds like the whistle of the wind between the leafs, or the sough of the river among the rocks.

The young boy understood straight away that he might have found the way to communicate with the Tiny Turnip only because of his extraordinary hearing.

And since an acute hearing is always signal of penetrating intelligence, and you won’t ever find any intelligence without awareness.. He understood the Tiny Turnip saw all those traits in him, and that’s why she was speaking to him. 

He felt honored, and he fell in love immediately.

The Tiny Turnip, round like a planet and glowing like a piece of the same moon that was enlighten them, said she had lost her home, and only with the help of a buttery heart she could find it again.

And he knew he was the One!

Because, unnecessary to say, everyone knows, if you cook the slightly bitter turnip with a little butter you’ll have one of the most delicious dishes ever, you’ll have the dish which nourish and grow generation of simple people, overall in the asperity of the mountains.

She asked him to go together, and he pick her up, with immense sweetness, and took her with him.

So they left, again, but together now; and they knew that the road to Home was to find together. 

And they found it! And still today there’s no moment they don’t live 


fairytale by Alice

In Pettinengo dreams come true..........

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